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Child Of Light - Preview Roundup #3

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-18 00:47:25

Well here are a few more previews for Child Of Light in this third roundup.


Combat itself is similar to turn-based JRPGs – the two sides face off against each other while a timer for each character run downs to indicate when their chosen action will take place. Igniculus helps out here too. Your co-op companion can have him hover over Aurora to speed up her action meter or over her enemies to slow them down.

He can also emit enough light cast shadows. One of the puzzles I saw required us to cast the right shapes over markings on a wall, so this may well be a crucial skill.

Child of Light is described as “as reimagining of classic fairytales”. Your main character Aurora was a child who fell ill and has woken up in another world with the ability to fly and a propensity to speak in rhyme. Written by Jeffrey Yohalem, the style is a long way from his previous game at Ubisoft, Far Cry 3. “The script is written in verse, largely in ballad form, said Yohalem. “It’s exciting and challenging to work within such a rigid structure.


If you think this is going to be a touchy-feely adventure of point and clicks, then you're dead wrong. Aurora is packing a sword of epic proportions in Child Of Light, and with her trusty ball of light friend, Igniculus, she's going to tear evil a new one in this phenomenal-looking indie game. Ubisoft are really going all out to make this game as good as possible, without encroaching on the things that make indie games so good. Yes they've built a new engine just to make it look the way they want it, but the simple gameplay, and what is set to be an emotional roller coaster of a story, will bring it back to the indie roots they're aiming for.

As far as gameplay goes, Child Of Light is quite simple. Aurora flies around everywhere on her fairy wings, and can solve puzzles by hitting things or standing on switches. In combat, the aforementioned epic sword comes out and rocks your world. Aurora has a skill tree that can be upgraded to give her some phenomenal moves, such as the raining storm of fireballs you can see in the trailer below. When it comes to the combat, Child Of Light performs like an RPG, and a really good RPG at that, but it's still simple enough to be a believable indie game.

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