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Transistor - Preview @ Warpzoned

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-19 01:07:36

Warpzoned has posted a new preview of Transistor based on the demo from Pax Prime.

Transistor is an incredibly elegant cyberpunk noir game – it’s so beautiful that it’s almost like cyberpunk nouveau. The gameplay is smooth, and everything from the music, to the backdrops, to the story, are all haunting. When Transistor speaks to Red, the top of the PS4 controller lights up in time with his voice, which was both startling and stunning in the small, dark alcove Supergiant had set up for press to play the demo. With the headphones on, I suddenly felt completely separated from the tens of thousands of people at PAX – it was just me, Transistor, and Red, fighting the Jerks and looking for vengeance. There was nothing quite like the intimate tension I experienced there, and I can’t wait until I can recreate that it in my own living room.

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