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VtM-Bloodlines - Unofficial v3.1 Patch @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 2006-10-21 01:19:15

Worthplaying let us know the latest v3.1 Vampire Bloodlines Unofficial Patch has been released. The file weighs in at 115Mb and here's the latest fixes:

  • Unbarred Ming's temple door and hopefully fixed Beckett's wait bug.
  • Made Copper leave for infusion and restored Pisha's meal cutscene.
  • Removed hunter when Ash is gone and erected more tipped over props.
  • Turned character screens music off and lowered Venus' cut to $125.
  • Fixed ammo in Romero's trunk and reduced zombie spawning frequency.
  • Restored Jeanette/Therese struggling scene and a few Heather lines.
  • Made speech stop when Bruno enters and fixed some Giovanni guards.
  • Corrected errors in dialogues of Christopher, Milligan and Jezebel.
  • Deleted theatre statists and restored Larry's quest for Nosferatu.
  • Changed some weapon infos and moved Giovanni Mansion diving boards.

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