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Elder Scrolls Anthology - Review @ GameDynamo

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-21 00:14:57

GameDynamo reviews the recently released Elder Scrolls Anthology from Bethesda.

This is a somewhat unusual review to write, in that it's not a review of the games themselves, whose legacies speak for themselves, but rather the process of collecting them and the effort that went into their presentation. The Elder Scrolls Anthology, currently available exclusively for PC, collects Bethesda's epic series from its beginnings as Elder Scrolls Arena, right up to the contemporary epic of Skyrim. Along with copies of the games themselves, all of the DLC is included.

It's important to note that this is a re-release and not an upgrade, especially considering that other adored classic games (like Duck Takes Remastered) have been completely re-worked before they reappeared. All of the games in this collection appear in their original format; as a result, Arena and Daggerfall run on an included DOS emulator. Having these games in their original form will hit gamers who have been with the series since the beginning right in the nostalgia sweet spot, while gamers who came to the series later will be able to see where and how it all began. The games have aged well, though much younger games might be put off by the enhanced graphics, there is something to be said for preserving them.

Taken individually, each Elder Scrolls game is a huge narrative universe, with tons of potential for exploration. All together, The Elder Scrolls Anthology is a collection that is tantalizingly easy to get lost in. The addictive potential of the Elder Scrolls games are somewhat infamous, and with all of them sitting there tantalizingly in one box, it's all the more easy to obsess over these worlds and stories.


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