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KoA: Reckoning - IP Auction Next Month

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-22 00:44:30

Those hoping for another Kingdoms of Amalur still have some hope as Strategy Informer has news the IP heads to auction next month.

Court-appointed receiver Richard Land for the defunct 38 Studios has announced Kingdoms of Amalur is finally being put under the hammer. The IP will be auctioned this month via an "Internet marketplace".

Land argues it was the "complexity of the game itself" that delayed the process. He feels good about its chances as it's all "current" in artwork, tech and concept.

Project Copernicus, the IP's MMO, is a main component of the auction. 38 Studios had teased before the enormous lore that was put together for the IP universe.

The only release Kingdoms of Amalur saw was as an RPG. It featured an impressive combat mechanic where the bulkier characters gave a certain heft to moves. Other areas were less of a draw but it scored high nonetheless. Sadly a significant patch for the RPG didn't get out in time before 38 Studios collapsed.

"The bulk of the game and intellectual property I don't believe is stale because the artwork is current, the tech used to develop the artwork is current, the concept is a current concept," said Richard Land.

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