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Kickstarter - RPG Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-23 00:57:01

Today I thought I would do something different. I have three new kickstarters looking to get funded that might be of interest to you. So here we go.

Up first we have a game called Cedaria: Blackout asking for $50,000.

Cedaria: Blackout is a cooperative adventure RPG, featuring a unique blend of Middle Eastern and steampunk architecture and style.

Next we have a game called Magic Meisters asking for $20,000.

Magic Meisters is an open world RPG filled with mystical creatures, magic, dungeons, and multiplayer adventuring for all ages!

And for last I have Tales of Terrene: Book One asking for $20,000. They even have a demo to try.

Explore the world of Terrene and defeat the spreading evil in this top down RPG. Gameplay inspired by Baldur's Gate & Diablo 2

If anyone is interested in more roundups like this let me know.Wink

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