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Borderlands 2 - Writing Handsome Jack

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-25 00:36:06

Anthony Burch has a new post on Inside the Box about Handsome Jack.

A couple of people have asked about Handsome Jack – how we came up with him, why he is the way he is, and other stuff like that – so for this week’s Inside the Box, I’m going to talk about Handsome Jack. I will also use all my self-restraint to not call this article Handsome Jack In The Box, as twitterfriends Eric (@Souzetsu) and Jim “Dungeonmans” Shepard (@madjackmcmad) suggested.

It is, of course, always difficult to talk about your own work without coming off as a self-congratulatory douche (for me, anyway), so apologies in advance.

From the getgo, creative director Paul Hellquist and I knew that Borderlands 2 needed to be a “villain story.”  The first game’s story had a strong and clear goal (“Find the Vault,”) but no central, driving force to lead you to that goal beyond your own curiosity and greed.

Paul and I are huge fans of villain-centric game stories like Portal, System Shock, and BioShock (which Paul was lead designer of). Villain stories are great because the goal is simple (“kill this bad dude,”), intrinsically has personality, and gives us a really simple vehicle by which to remind the player of their ultimate goal.

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