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Ambrov X - Funding Canceled

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-25 01:10:21

Loreful has cancelled all funding for Ambrov X. They have a new announcement that all is not lost though as a few publishers, and investors are interested.

What happens now?

We continue! We never planned on our Kickstarter being successful. Kickstarter is an unknown and was never part of our funding strategy. We thought we would take a shot. We took our shot and it didn't pan out for us.

The upside is that we learned A LOT! We connected with some amazing people and we found 1,001 backers who believe in us. We also received some incredible feedback about our game that has made us rethink some crucial elements. We are taking this feedback internally and focusing our efforts on Ambrov X. 

One thing that is important to remember: We are in PRE-ALPHA. We are at the very beginning stages of this game and we have a long way to go. We decided against releasing the pre-alpha because we took a unique stance in doing so. We wanted to add a bit more polish than usual. But in doing so, many have confused our polished Pre-Alpha with a poor Demo. While we are immensely satisfied with the Pre-Alpha build, we felt that releasing it would actually do more harm than good.

So now, we continue our campaign into the private investment arena. We've had much more success there. We've also received some interest from publishers. So the options open to Ambrov X are many and we are going to continue on!

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