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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Editorial @ PixlBit

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-26 00:30:33

PixlBit has a new article with five things they want in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Dragon Age has admittedly been my least favorite Bioware series since their shift to consoles. Not that it's a bad series (well, Origins was great at least), just that I think Knights of the Old Republic delivered a similar experience while doing a much better job in a more interesting world. That said, I am still very excited for Dragon Age 3, and am really liking that Bioware is taking their time and trying to make it a really big game. So here's what I want from the game.

Now, I'm not going to go into the super obvious stuff. Things like Bioware delivering on the open world, an improved console interface without sacrificing depth (since I want the PS4 version), and getting rid of the awesome button. These are more personal things I want that don't come up quite as often.

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