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Warhorse - Developer Blog Update

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-28 00:19:05

The Warhorse developer blog  has a new update about company disagreements, and the games pre-demo.

A strict deadline for all things to come together invariably leads to “funny” situations. You may for example have fully functional pathfinding and a completely operational crafting minigame and when combined into a single whole, both will stop working for some unfathomable reason. The likeness of that happening increases with the number of systems that are being joined together, as a result, when everything is merged, nothing works.Wink

It goes without saying that the bar goes up as well. You stop overlooking “tiny” glitches like clipping (graphics that vanish when they get too close to camera) in combat. It didn’t bother anybody so far, everyone was happy that it’s possible to fight at all and we saw superficial stuff, like two weapons intersecting each other, as something to be fixed later. But when you show the game to somebody, the clipping and the weapons intersecting each other are the first things they’re going to notice in combat. It doesn’t matter that no other game ever had combat like this: it flickers and looks unfinished, so it must be rubbish.

And when you try to fix those things, you learn that you need a new version of the engine that’s going to be released in a month, i.e. about a week too late for your demo. And what now? You have to start hacking. Doing that, the enemy AI starts to behave strangely and you come a long way on your downward spiral. People get nervous and start quarrelling. So besides being nervous yourself, being a boss, you have to be a company shrink for the rest of the team to put their minds at ease.

Read this link for more information as I can't fit the whole post.

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