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Edge Of Eternity - Kickstarter Launched

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-28 00:41:27

Edge Of Eternity has finally launched its kickstarter a few days later than anticipated. The JRPG is asking for $200,000, and I wish them luck. Give it a look if your interested.

Edge of Eternity is a new RPG that will lead you to experience a unique and unusual universe. The action takes place in a world whose design combines some steampunk influence - the best Japanese RPG - and Medieval age influences.

Through mysteries and softness, we built characters that you will join in a very exciting adventure of action, explorations, revelations and unexpected situations.

The music - written and composed by our team - has been recorded by a real orchestra, bringing thereby a unique feeling every step along the way. The game is based on the great old fashion turn-based combat system, as a tribute to the best Final Fantasy, and it comes along with exclusive features such as Cloud Save, and cross platform facilities. Buy it once, use it everywhere, and keep fighting until the end.

Today, the game is in a making process, in fact the images come from our prototype for mobile devices. We did our best in order to create this new J-RPG, giving all we had in term of motivation and assets. Today, we need you to finish Edge of Eternity. Thanks to your feedbacks and drawbacks, we will be able to reach the different strech goals and create your next J-RPG game. We want to develop this game with the community on our side, to match your expectations and make a game that suits totally.

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