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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview with Jonathan Perry @ Xbox360

by Aries100, 2013-09-28 19:04:37

Xbox360achievements has talked to Jonathan Perry, Cinematic Director for DA.  
Here's a quote about Fade Tears:

With these Fade tears popping up throughout the world, will closing them operate like they did in previous the Dragon Age games in which you have to actually enter the Fade and maybe close them from within?

I can't comment too much on that, because it touches on a little bit of the story. But one of the goals as The Inquisitor is to go and try to close these tears and seal them off, so there aren't all these demons spewing out into the world. The huge Fade tear in the sky and the Fade tears in the world, they certainly play a big part in the narrative of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A quote about the destructible environments, you can rebuild things as well:

One of the things that we didn't really talk about during the gameplay demo, was the opposite of destroying things: building things. There will be abilities that allow you to [rebuild scenery]. If you find a place you can't quite get up to, and you can find a shattered steps or a ladder, you'll be able to reconstruct them and gain access to that area you couldn't otherwise get to before. It's us thinking strategically about how we want you to be able to modify the environment to your advantage.

A quote on how romance works in DA:Inquisiton:

Finally, how will romancing work in the game?

Is it the same kind of deal as previous BioWare games, or can anyone romance anyone? I wouldn't say that anyone can romance anyone, but there will certainly be characters who fancy a certain type of person more than another. We haven't really been able to comment on how many of your followers will be 'romance-able' or who will be 'romance-able', but we do have a whole lot of interesting combinations. Romance is a really important part of our storytelling, and we really want to give the player a lot of options there.

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