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Path of Exile - Interview @ GeekParty

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-29 00:06:45

GeekParty interviews Path of Exile’s Chris Wilson on microtransactions and pay-to-win.

Path of Exile is a free-to-play game that has been funded in part by a very successful crowdfunding campaign, and has continued to gain funding by cosmetic microtransactions. PoE‘s lead developer and GGG managing director Chris Wilson has taken a pretty firm stance on allowing real world money to buy in-game power.

"We don’t want to sell anything that affects the game economy or provides a competitive advantage for one player over another. We try to completely divorce our microtransactions from the game balance. Selling items that affect a player’s stats, or can be traded, or provide some type of gameplay boost (e.g. experience potions) are examples of things that we feel would be pay-to-win."

The free-to-play model of game publication is still fairly new, creating a sort of Wild West atmosphere without firmly established norms. Games like Riot’s League of Legends have garnered huge fanbases with their model, but Wilson says that GGG are set on finding their own path.

"We’ve been really careful to try to design our microtransaction model ourselves and haven’t investigated how other popular games are handling their microtransactions (because they’re generally pay-to-win, which we don’t want)."

A few players have charged that some of the account features offered, namely stash space for storing items, violate this stance. Wilson disagrees.

"The reason that we sell storage space is because players are able to create additional free accounts that come with a reasonable amount of space each. If players want additional space but don’t want to pay, they can create more free accounts."

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