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Always Sometimes Monsters - Preview

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-29 00:15:32

Gaming Trend has posted a preview of Always Sometimes Monsters saying the game is shaping up to be the Breaking Bad of video games.

Consequence is an important part of Always Sometimes Monsters. One particular scene I played had a character give me a hundred dollars for getting them the passes to SwagFest that they so desperately needed. Turns out — that money was actually his drug dealer uncle’s cash, and he is none too pleased about having it stolen from his deadbeat nephew. He comes at us with a shotgun. I can decide to turn tail and run and leave this scumbag to his fate, I can try to fight (and die in the process) or I can give the money back. I’m a nice guy, so I decided to fork the money over.

That’s when I found out how wrong I was.

It’s not clear in the demo (as it jumps around a lot, and nothing really sticks), but money is very hard to come by in this game — so when you do get some, you need to hold on to it. A couple bucks can mean the difference between making it to your next destination or being stranded with no way to get anywhere, the difference between eating or going without. They explained that every single choice will have some kind of consequence, and there will be a breaking point everyone will reach where you can no longer decide to make the “good” decision because it will no longer be the “right” decision for your own survival. They want to see how long it will take before players break their own code of ethics and begin to wander the dark path between right and wrong.

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