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Vanguard - Brad McQuaid Interview @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Dhruin, 2006-10-23 22:54:06

In article format, Ten Ton Hammer speaks to Sigil's Brad McQuaid at a recent Vanguard press event:

“How do you decide which content will go into a live update and what’s worthy of an expansion pack?” I asked.

“It’s all planned out,” he said. “We have it all mapped out for the next 7 or so years.” In the game preview andTaking aim group interview session earlier McQuaid had said, “My dream one day is to create the never-ending MMO. People talk about a game where it could take you years to see everything. How about if there’s no flippin’ way you could see everything?” He explained that when he plays the Vanguard beta himself, the scope of the game still surprises him. “I’m going to be experiencing things at the character level where I go, ‘Oh, cool! We put this in? That’s awesome!’ And so...I want to create the never-ending MMO. I think it could be Vanguard.”

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