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Elder Scrolls Online - Preview @ Camelot Post

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-29 00:32:25

Camelot Post has a new preview for The Elder Scrolls Online about player housing.

Although we’ve known for some time that The Elder Scrolls Online player housing will not feature at launch, it hasn’t stopped some of us discussing the importance of this iconic feature from throughout The Elder Scrolls franchise.

It’s clear from the currently announced features that Bethesda and Zenimax Online are aiming mainly towards the multiplayer experience, which is to be expected of an MMO game. Afterall, the entire foundations of the MMO game have been constructed based on the experience of multiple players.

Sadly however, the core appealing aspects of The Elder Scrolls Online player housing system is quite the opposite, being mainly a feature to compliment the experience of the solo player. Although many MMO games of today implement group, guild and alliance housing, the most popular player housing systems offer extensive variety and customization for the single player. Some of my most memorable experiences in The Elder Scrolls franchise have involved stamping my own mark of history on the world of Tamriel. The freedom of choice, the depth of customization and the touch of personality are all elements that make the housing in Elder Scrolls one of its most defining features.

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