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Mage Knight Apocalypse - Reviews @ Worthplaying, DarkZero

by Dhruin, 2006-10-23 22:56:33

Worthplaying joins the growing number of sites with a harsh review of Mage Knight: Apocalypse, handing down a score of 4/10:

After you get past the graphics, you then get to contend with the control scheme. MageKnight Apocalypse feels very much like it was designed for an analogue control setup, leading me to wonder if perhaps the original plan wasn’t to have this game released on console platforms as well as PC. Use of W-A-S-D does an adequate job of covering movement; however the constant battle with the camera point of view adds further frustration to an already colicky title. I suppose it might sound bitter of me to mention that the excessively linear levels half-negate the need to adjust your camera anyways. I cannot remember a time I’ve ever seen such train-track restrictions on exploration. Even Fable gave you more room to bail around in

DarkZero also clocks in at 4/10.  Here's a sample:

So, what sort of game do we have? Instead of creating a digital version of the tabletop game, which could have proved to be interesting, Namco-Bandai again kick dust in the face of originality and have made MKA a by numbers Diablo-style dungeon crawler of the most generic kind. All the hallmarks of the genre are here, and this sort of game tends to end up in one of two categories. If done well, these games can almost be a hypnotic experience, levelling up your character from a pool of multiple classes, gaining new skills and battling bigger and badder monsters to find those elusive rare items. Done badly, however, and this sort of game can become a tiresome click fest. MKA actually does something original here and falls into a whole new category – the ‘utterly, utterly dismal’.

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