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River City Ransom - Interview @ Hardcore Gamer

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-30 00:21:09

Hardcore Gamer has a new interview with the developers for the RPG beat-'em-up River City Ransom: Underground.

What are you doing to make River City Ransom fresh for modern gamers?

[Daniel Crenna] Hopefully no more than is necessary. What stands out the most to me is greatly increasing the frame count on animations and shading options that just weren’t possible to get on a cartridge at the time. I also hope that the “bigness” really lets people get lost in the environment. We’ll try anything that has a chance of being almost as good as what we remember the original to be on our first play-through.

[Mark De Verno] More immersive combat with a combo system; a plethora of playable characters each with their own moves, strengths, and weaknesses, and an expansive world with a great sandbox.

[Bannon Rudis] My take on it is that River City Ransom was so awesome back in the day and should have evolved over the years if they kept making them for a North American audience. Many different fighting and beat em’ up games have come out since the original River City Ransom. The ability and needs of the player has increased accordingly. I want to take advantage of modern day players’ increased fighting skills and precise timing. Plus uh… wrestling moves.

[Dustin Crenna] We’re updating the game play, the physics engine, the number of people on screen at any given time, and yet trying to stay true to the original with its look and feel.  We’re updating the audio slightly but also making sure it doesn’t stray from the 8-bit feel.

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