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Elder Scrolls Online - Preview & Maps

by Couchpotato, 2013-09-30 00:33:59

MMO-Play has posted a short preview of The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls team have done a great job of giving the fans what they want, but with a solid professional boundary. It would have been easy to simply make a "Multi-player Skyrim" but the team have adjusted the combat and created an interaction foundation that makes the multi-player fair and less overbearing to play. It just feels great to run around Tamriel with others running alongside you, interacting with you, and battling people off in the distance.

Also I recommend taking a look at Gameranx who takes a look at the user interface, and the games maps.

Check out these albums of Elder Scrolls Online images, including a preview of the entire user interface, screenshots of Cyrodiil, maps for the Daggerfall, Aldmeri Dominion, and Ebonheart territories. There’s more than enough visual spoilers here to ruin any sense of discovery here, but if you’re looking around to decide if you want to play, check this out! Elder Scrolls Online is an impressively large world

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