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Dark Souls II - Preview & Beta Videos

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-01 00:07:07

GamrReview previews Dark Souls II and says the game is even tougher than Dark Souls.

The final boss was called Mirror Knight. Defeating him involved dodging/blocking his melee attacks and dodging his ranged lightning attack, and dealing enormous amounts of damage. I’m not sure what was particularly mirror-like about him, but it may well have made him easier to defeat if I'd known, so it looks like some research may well be required before fighting bosses in the full game.

Rest assured, however, that this game follows the “challenging but fair” mantra every bit as much as its predecessors, so fans of the series have a lot to look forward to when it launches.

The game also has two new videos leaked from a Japanese tester that can be watched  here, and here.

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