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Borderlands 2 - Evolution of Loot

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-02 00:28:30

Paul Hellquist the Creative Director for Borderlands 2 has the next post on inside the box talking about the Evolution of Loot.

Hello everyone, Paul Hellquist, creative director for Borderlands 2 here again.  A few weeks ago I wrote about how the loot system works on Borderlands 2.  I encourage you to read that first here if you haven’t since I’m writing this under the assumption that you know what is covered there.  At the end of that article I asked you guys to send in your questions about loot so I could figure out what tell you about next.  You guys were very vocal and I got a lot of inquiries from all channels.  Thanks to everyone who chimed in!

The questions covered a wide range of topics around loot.  I had originally thought that I would do an FAQ style article with quick answers to a lot of questions.  Once I saw what the questions were it became clear that there were a couple of questions that were the most common and to fully answer the questions I would really need to dig into them.  Thankfully their stories are all related so I should be able to get you some answers.

The most common questions were:

  • Why don’t the enemies in Borderlands 2 drop what they are carrying like they did in Borderlands?
  • Why are the drops rates in Borderlands 2 different from those in Borderlands?
  • You told us how chumps work, how do bosses work?

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