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Meriwether - Post-Funding Update #37

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-02 00:39:35

Sortasoft has a new post-funding update for Meriwether with a status update on the progress of the game.


Kyle has been all over the place--fixing bugs, implementing content, and finalizing features. One major feature that had been left out until this point was usable canoes. Kyle got them working earlier this month, and they add a lot to the game. Water travel is a critical aspect of the Lewis and Clark story, and being able to pilot a canoe up the Missouri and into a tributary feels great! Getting the controls to feel right was very difficult--we had to find a delicate balance of making the movement feel authentic for an canoe, but still natural for WASD controls.


As with almost every game, things are taking longer than we expected, but the end is in sight. Our new plan is be in Beta by the end of November, and then release Meriwether early next year. We’ll keep you posted as things get closer and we have a clearer understanding of our schedule.


We just received a $1200 grant from the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation’s Burroughs Fund! Many thanks to them for this funding as well as the support and connections they have provided us throughout this process. The money is specifically to be used to pay for honoraria for tribal advisors. We have some of the advisors lined up, but could use more advisors for any of the tribes encountered by the Corps. If you know anyone who may be a good fit for this, please put them in touch with us.

Next Steps

We still have a lot of work to do, including some of the content for the return trip, and the game’s tutorial (starring Thomas Jefferson.), but it feels manageable. Once the final music is mixed, we will implement a dynamic music manager in the game that plays specific tracks (and different mixes of tracks) depending on the context, and in a way that helps keep the music fresh and non-repetitive. Jim is also starting on sound effects soon. On the art front, we are finishing up the major characters and starting on more minor characters, as well as Teton Sioux tipis, Mandan earth lodges, and other items for their villages.

We’re really excited about how the game is taking shape. In our playtesting, comments and critique are now focusing on subtle nuances, rather than glaring errors. The game is really enjoyable to play, and constantly surprising us as we play through it. We’ll have more on that next month, as well as video and details about Jim’s recording session. We can’t wait to get you the Beta!

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