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Dark Souls II - Beta Impression & Reddit Info

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-02 00:46:41

If your still curious and need more information after the beta video links you can vist the wiki page of Demon Souls for beta impressions.

HERE WE GO! (There will be constant editing and additional info as I notice more and more info on my recording.)

Ok my hour with the beta is up for now, hopefully I can get into the 2 and 3 hour one as well. Lots to talk about and review so I will start with this. The game feels MUCH darker and back to its horror roots. The environment (At least the one I played) and the enemy sounds coupled with the atmosphere and we have a much more wicked dark souls, plain and simple. BTW I LOVED it! The lighting is great especially in darker environments and using a torch feels like the best thing in the world in all that darkness, even the areas that are not so dark feel better. Overall fantastic atmosphere right out of the start, btw ENB was correct, Demons souls esq reference with the merchant character.

You can also check out reddit for a nice list of game details.

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