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Hero-U - Post-Funding Update #41

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-04 00:33:54

Hero-U has a new post-funding update that deals with something called a Meep.

The Meep toys have arrived on our shores, and we plan to ship them to backers within two weeks via TeeLaunch. Every backer who chose the $125 or higher tier (except for the digital-only $175 tier) will get a toy meep if we have your mailing address. Of course, backers who added on a toy meep will also get one *if* you filled out the survey and gave us your address. If you have moved or did not complete the survey, please send an email to support@hero-u.net immediately with your current address.

We are working on cleaning up the t-shirt design. T-shirts will probably be mailed separately from the toys, but might be combined if we have them ready in time.

We will have some very exciting news and images coming soon regarding character animation, game art, the trailer, and the playable demo.

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