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Might & Magic X - Jon Van Caneghem Interview

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-04 01:08:21

Might & Magic X has another update in it's meet the ancients interviews this time with Jon Van Caneghem. You should all know who he is, and  if you don't shame on you. 

Can you tell us about the genesis of the Might & Magic series?

I wanted to make a party based RPG that was very strategic, had a free open world to explore and lots of fun puzzles to solve.Wizardry I, Ultima I and Dungeons and Dragons were the initial influence, but I wanted to go further and express my style of play in the design.Learning to program and figuring out all the technical barriers was just a means to an end, creating the best game possible was my driving force.

What does Might & Magic mean to you today?

It’s always a great feeling to know millions of people have enjoyed this series and it makes me very happy to know that new games are still being made.

As a fan of the series, here's something I always wanted to ask you :) What were your plans for the storyline of the series? Would we have discovered the secrets of the Ancients and the Kreegans? Anything you can share with us?

Originally, the Might and Magic story ended with World of Xeen.

But with the popularity of Heroes and a demand for new MM games, we started it all up again and took things in many directions.

And yes we had plans to finalize the Kreegans story and visit the Ancients home world… :P

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