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Path of Exile - Interview @ News10

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-05 00:19:12

News10 interviewed the Lead Programmer Jonathan Rogers about Path of Exile.

Later this month a new free-to-play adventure will be making its public release as Grinding Gear Games prepares Path of Exile for launch.

The game, which takes its inspiration from Blizzard's iconic title Diablo and expands upon it greatly, was funded pretty much entirely through crowdfunding.  Because of that, those behind the upcoming title have been hard at work to ensure that the game's supporters get their monies' worth.  In fact, since January the developers have released 25 crowdfunding-backed content patches to the game.  That's nearly two per month for a game that's still in its beta phase.

"The main reason we had to do it is because our company needed the money," joked Jonathan Rogers, Lead Programmer on Path of Exile.  "Like, basically the community is funding the development of Path of Exile."

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