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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ PC Gamer

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-05 00:39:48

PC Gamer has a new preview of Dragon Age: Inquisition about returning characters, and open world fortresses

Dragon Age has never had the same sense of direction as Mass Effect. Its sci-fi stablemate was a point-to-point race through a single narrative, escalating in scale as success translated into publisher support. Dragon Age: Origins was, in many ways, the last game from pre-EA BioWare, an oldschool fantasy RPG that grew organically over a protracted development period. Its popularity seemed to catch the studio’s new publisher off-guard, leading to a sequel that – while it retained much of its predecessor’s soul – lost all of its scope.

“We have a much greater opportunity in terms of time on this one than we did on DAII,” says producer Cameron Lee, who joined BioWare from Dead Space developers Visceral Games in early 2012. “We also have the opportunity with the engine change to rebuild everything from the ground up. We’re trying to bring across the same feel, the same vibe, and the same sort of storytelling, but DAII was more of a framed narrative – Inquisition is definitely Origins-style. Much bigger.”

‘Origins-style’ scope doesn’t mean oldschool, however: what I’ve seen of Inquisition indicates a modern game that wears its influences – and ambitions – openly. The first area I’m shown is an open-world take on Ferelden, an expanse of fields and frosty mountainsides that suggests that the success of Skyrim hasn’t gone unnoticed. It’s still Dragon Age, however, and the party-of-four system and adjustable third-person perspective all reflect that. Combat is broadly similar to Dragon Age II, but the pause interface has been improved to allow for more fluid issuing of orders before time resumes. You’ll still be able to program friendly AI behaviour, but this wasn’t shown.

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