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RPGWatch Feature - Nehrim Retrospective

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-05 01:07:29

Fluent has taken his time to write and submit a new article were he takes a look at one of the best mods for Oblivion called Nehrim. Check back on Monday were he interviews the team about their upcoming mod for Skyrim called Enderal - The Shards of Order.

When one thinks of Elder Scrolls games, a few things come to mind. At its core, a typical TES game provides an interesting world to explore, with lots of questing, looting, fighting and lore along the way. When you take those core attributes, use the same engine that was used in TES IV: Oblivion, and completely rework the game like the team at SureAI did, you are left with something that has to be played to be believed. Nehrim presents something entirely independent from the Elder Scrolls universe, yet is constructed from the same building blocks as Bethesda's monster RPG title.

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