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The Koalition - AAA and Indie RPGs Podcast

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-06 00:28:28

The Koalition has a new RPG Podcast asking,"What’s the Difference Between AAA and Indie RPGs?".

This week we welcome an old friend (and Guild Wars 2 guild master) Xeridian Darkmoon. Xeridian is in charge of an upcoming content production brand known as E1337cm. This week as our main discussion we posed the question What is the difference between AAA and Indie RPGs? Indie RPGs are far more creative these days, where-as AAA RPGs are continuously trying to reinvent themselves to stay relevant.

Also on this show we boast about our rightful prediction on Project Destati, the South Park Stick of Truth release date, and the news of Warhammer Online coming to an end. There's our usual Final Fantasy talk as Square Enix announces that FFX/FFX-2 HD will be released this Winter. And I also spoke on some stuff I personally experienced at the Eurogamer Expo.


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