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Everquest Next - Preview @ Gamasutra

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-06 00:49:03

Gamasutra has a new preview of Everquest Next and goes on to write how the game hopes to break the traditional MMO mold.

For all the MMOs released in the past several years, the genre hasn't exactly changed a great deal. The studios behind these behemoth titles still put plenty of focus on the same old elements that they believe will bring in players -- massive worlds, expansive leveling systems, hundreds of quests to complete and the like. Of course, if a player wasn't interested in MMOs 10 years ago, none of these features are likely to pull them in now.

Dave Georgeson, director of development on the upcoming EverQuest Next and Landmark MMO pairing, is hoping to break this cycle.

He recognizes that many MMOs focus on monsters respawning over and over again in the same areas; game mechanics that are barely dynamic and skill-orientated; gameplay that's repetitive and derivative.

"We hate all that stuff too!" he laughs. "That's exactly what we're trying to change. That's why we've put in this emergent AI system, and I think that this is the real crux point - in a normal MMO, we usually use state tables, where monsters go through the exact same logic trigger every time they want to attack you."

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