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Avadon 2 - Preview @ Invision Game Community

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-06 00:51:53

The Invision Game Community has a new preview of Avadon 2 - The Corruption.

At this early stage Avadon 2 is really looking like it will be a very detailed game to play and a desirable title for RPG fans looking for a deep and meaningful adventure to engage themselves within. If there were one negative that I would point out at this point in development, it is that there is a lot of reading to do. I know this is not an uncommon feature in such games, and maybe this is a more personal factor than a genuine problem requiring a fix, but I recognise that some gamers are like myself and do not wish to have to read too much while they play. I personally prefer speech to text, but in a game of this style I can see why text might have been the preferred choice of the developers. As a whole the game seems to have a lot to offer to RPG fans and it will be interesting for them to see what they think once it reaches its final release.

The Good – A deep storyline and an adventure which never makes you feel too far disconnected from the wider world and overarching task at hand. A short but sweet tutorial also acts as the perfect refresher for players of Avadon and a strong first-time guide to new players alike.

The Bad – Some players may not be too fond of the amount of text to read in game.

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