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Elder Scrolls Online - Preview @ Gamerzines

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-09 00:32:48

Gamerzines is the next site to post a hands-on preview of Elder Scrolls Online.

Overall, our time with TESO was enjoyable and proved to us once and for all that ZeniMax can combine the hallmarks of the titular series with common MMO staples successfully. Our time on Bleakrock was hand-holdy, but that’s to be expected from a tutorial zone.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to sample TESO’s ambitious PvP component, which features hundreds of players fighting to retain possession of individual regions, castles and towns in the name of their clan in a persistent realm, but no doubt that’s being held back for future reveals. Wrap up your time with Skyrim boys and girls, soon they’ll be a new Elder Scrolls in town!

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