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Cosmic Star Heroine - Update #4, New Reward Tiers

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-10 00:04:43

Zeboyd Games has posted another update for Cosmic Star Heroine with information about new reward tiers.

New Reward Tiers! Lower NPC Tier Price!

We've made some changes & additions to the reward tiers that we hope you'll enjoy!

First, we've changed the NPC tier to now be $1,000 (previously $1,500). It no longer includes the Design Tier rewards but we think the lower price makes it more attractive than it was before.

Second, we've added a Physical Cosmic Star Heroine Art Book tier at $350. This reward has been added to the $3,000 tier and the new $2,000 tier and you can also add it to existing tiers for $350. Note, we can't change the description of the $3,000 tier on the page since there are already backers, but all existing $3,000 backers will get the physical art book as well.

Finally, we now have a new Assassin Tier at $2,000. This tier makes you (or an appropriately augmented alien or cyber version of you) an elite assassin in the game. In short, you'll be a super-hard boss in the game. We think we'll handle this similarly to the Fiend battles in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - at some point in the game, players will have a chance to activate the "Elite Assassin" side-quest and once that side-quest has been activated, these extra hard bosses will start appearing at set points throughout the game as they try to eliminate Alyssa.

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