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Demonicon - Preview @ Pixel Perfect Gaming

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-10 00:48:59

Pixel Perfect Gaming posted a new preview of Demonicon.

The combat system in Demonicon is action-based, but it requires a little bit of finesse – button mashing will not be rewarded. Racking up a perfect combo chain will grant additional demonic bonuses that will allow your character to inflict more damage.  The third-person camera shows the entire battlefield; there are no awkward camera angles to worry about.

The player can fully customize their character by choosing which skills, talents and weapons to use. Different weapons can have a dramatic affect on combat. Some weapons require more stamina than others, making combat that much harder. Heavier weapons like the sledgehammer require excessive amounts of stamina, eliminating the hacking/twitch-style method of gameplay seen in other games.

Additionally, the game includes an extensive crafting system where you can make items from alchemy and blacksmithing.

The decisions you make will shape your destiny in the world of Demonicon. And due to its morality system, there are multiple endings that add an enormous amount of replay value to the game. The main story alone for Demonicon is roughly around 30 to 35 hours of continuous gameplay, and this is not counting the additional side quests or the multiple endings.

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