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Van Helsing - Interview @ Spawnfirst

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-11 00:37:37

Spawnfirst has a new interview and contest with the PR Manager of Neocore on their site for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

Did you originally conceive the idea for the game with Van Helsing in mind or did you decide that the lore surrounding Van Helsing would best fit the type of game you were creating?

From the very beginning we had Van Helsing in mind as our main character. We envisioned a story about his incredible adventures and only then did we start creating the game, exactly in that order. Years ago, our content designer, Viktor Juhász, broke his ankle and the injury forced him into bed for weeks. During this forced, but creatively fulfilling rest, he started to work on four game design plans and one of them was The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Our team loved the idea so much that we all agreed that the game needed to be made. We found Van Helsing a good choice since the name brings up very strong associations with literature and history, and we could easily twist the well-known elements of the background into an enjoyable experience for our potential fans.

Was adding in Katarina also planned from the beginning, or was it decided on at a later time?

At the very beginning, Van Helsing was the only character that we knew would be in the game for sure, but the idea of a charming ghostly companion presented itself quite early. Katarina’s concept, like many other things in the game, went through many changes during the development. Fortunately, as it turned out, our fans love this witty and beautiful ghost almost as much as we do. She’s a great help to our young hero and I think Van Helsing sometimes needs a cheeky woman to criticize every single step he takes!

I see that you let the fans decide between 3 looks for Van Helsing; The Chevalier, The Mysterious Stranger and The Veteran. What was the reason behind this?

We always try to create our games to appease and entertain our players, so we always want to hear their feedback from the fans at any stage of development. Earlier in the development cycle, after the first teaser trailer was released, it turned out that the fans wanted much more from us than a manga-looking Van Helsing with big, glowing eyes and white hair. So, as promised, we took their feedback seriously and decided to change the look and feel of our main character. We created three different Van Helsing variations and let them choose which one would be the best fit for the game. Finally, the Mysterious Stranger received 72% of the total number of votes, so it was quite obvious what our community wanted.

What made you decide to have the story focus on Borgova?

Since our studio is located in Hungary, right in the neighborhood of the amazing region of Transylvania, and our office is smack in the heart of Budapest, the beautiful historical European city, we had quite a few sources of inspiration around us. In this game, we wanted to create a dark, fictional gothic-noir kingdom, which resembles a historical European country from the 19th century. It’s like a scary, but beautiful metropolis from a dark tale. Although the city of Borgova is a fictional place, a couple of real buildings and streets from Budapest show up in the game. So what made us decide to have the story focus on Borgova? Simply because we love it. :)

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