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The Mandate - Update #4, PayPal & Freebies

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-11 00:49:45

In the next Kickstarter update for The Mandate we get more information about PayPal, freebies, the dynamics of crewmanship, and the forums.

Today we're going to cover three main developments. Firstly, based on feedback, we have created a sub-domain detailing how you control your men both in battle and the RPG universe. The Dynamics of Crewmanship has been written to give you an insight into what to expect regarding The Mandate's combat and crew management. This was written in part to clarify exactly how similar (or dissimilar) The Mandate is to FTL, another popular indie game with rogue-like elements.

The document will give you examples of fleet formations, player and unit ranks, and the chain of command.We won't go into detail in this update, because we have to move onto other topics, but make sure you read it.

Our second important announcement is that the official forums are now up and running. To get you started, there are a few active threads at the moment: Press Coverage is a thread dedicated to showcasing some The Mandate press coverage so far. Posting any coverage you find here really helps us out, since we don't have huge PR teams running around for us. You can discuss the content, and list what you find there. Two threads in the Kickstarter discussion are currently active, talking about Stretch Goals and Localization, so give your ideas regarding both of those topics in their respective threads.

There is also a Steam Greenlight dedicated thread, because we've gotten feedback from many people who aren't able to support us on Kickstarter. We don't want to exclude you, so come join in on the conversation with Kickstarter backers, and anyone else who wants to support the game any way they can. On Greenlight itself, make sure you give us a vote because we're 70% of the way to the Top 100.

Read this link for the rest.

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