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Demonicon - Preview @ IncGamers

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-11 01:14:41

IncGamers has posted a new preview of Demonicon based on the pre-release Alpha, and a live Twitch.tv interview.

Peter: As you say, the rest looks fine. I was getting a bit worried when our host decided to introduce the game’s skill system by explaining there was a “haggle” ability you can dump points into (maaaybe open with something a little more compelling than beating a humble trader down on the price of a necklace,) but things got more interesting when he hinted at a trade-off between spending “gift points” and, well, staying human.

You see, our main fellow Cairon (Karen?) has a slight demon problem. The demon is happy to help him out with some super-amazing skills (and haggling) but in return will want bits of Cairon’s soul. There was a bit towards the end of the presentation where his face started to warp on certain dialogue choices, because he was going a bit too demon-ey. In fact … maybe that will perk up his voice acting, when he goes full demon?

Peter: Let’s mention the fighting, since that’s obviously a bit of a focus. We saw a bit of monster-bashing in a Monastery.

Tim: It certainly looks a lot more hack-and-slashy than, say, The Witcher; there was a lot of rolling back-and-forth to evade attacks. Bashing enemies with your basic attacks nets you Essence, which lets you use your demonic gifts to full effect – poison enemies, freeze them in place, let loose huge flaming novas, whatever.

There are four branches of gifts, each of which contains four spells, and each of these have various sub-points that affect that spell. Your fiery nova, for instance, can be further upgraded so that it does more damage or costs less Essence. So yeah, it looks like you can customise the way you fight.

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