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Lords of Xulima - Indiegogo Update #8

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-12 00:54:57

Numantian Games is back with a new update for Lords of Xulima talking about how traps work in the game. The project has 7 days left and still needs about $1,400 to reach its minimum goal.


So, you think you can take the treasure and just walk out of the dungeon? Clearly, you haven’t played many RPGs…

In Lords of Xulima there are many types of traps:

There are permanent traps like poisonous clouds, flames that burn through cracks in the ground, pressure plates that spring blades from the floor, spider webs that slow your movements while their owners inject their venom, and many other special surprises. 

Each of these must be dealt with in its own manner. Some you will be able to avoid with a careful step, others can be neutralized with spells and there will also be occasions where the only way to get the treasure you desire will be to take your chances and hope the reward is worth the damage you’ll sustain.

The traps we will talk about today are those that are hidden from sight and are only triggered once. These are traps that can be found on the dungeon floor or in the locks of chests and doors

How are they detected?

Detection works automatically. As you get close to a trap your party members will use their perception skill. Based on the complexity of the trap and the party’s ability, there will be a roll to see if you discover the trap. If you succeed, a red zone will appear on the trapped area. Every time you move another attempt will be made to locate objects like traps and hidden doors. It’s a good idea to search an area carefully!

Once detected, you can use your “Disarm Traps” ability. There are two ways to do this:


This works like the pen and paper classics where your chance of success is measured by your ability against the difficulty of the trap. If you fail, the trap will activate and damage everyone in your party.


Depending on the trap's difficulty, a certain number of gears will appear on this mini game. The gears rotate and change colors between red, green, and yellow. You have to click on the gears when they are green to succeed. If you click a yellow gear, nothing happens, but if you click when it's red, then you'll spring the trap. This may seem like a game of reflexes, but the gears change color according to fixed patterns. The higher your skill level, the simpler the patterns.

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