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The Mandate - Update #7, Social Stretch Goals & Crew Part Deux

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-19 00:34:46

Perihelion Interactive has a new update for The Mandate with news about stretch goals, a crew update, and a big announcement.

Social Stretch Goals, A Big Announcement, and Crew Part Deux

Hey backers, 

We were invited to Podcast with SpaceGameJunkie.com a few days ago. It runs for 1 hour and 40 minutes, so whilst a little long, you’ll get to listen to an in depth Q&A with our executive producer, Ole, and Art Director, Garret. We had a lot of fun recording it and hope you enjoy listening. 

Next up, part deux of the design article “Your Crew” is up, and it goes into more depth about the crew on your ship. There are some juicy details in it. Also, a new concept of a female officer we haven’t unveiled officially yet.

Steam Greenlight is going very well. We are currently in the top 40, but we still need your votes. With your help Valve might show an interest in us very soon. Please go and vote for The Mandate.

Several backers have asked about stretch goals. Yes, we have stretch goals; no we are not ready to talk about them quite yet. We believe it is a little premature to discuss stretch goals at this point in time, considering it’s a 60 day campaign. Secondly, we are reviewing our stretch goals based on input from the forums. We may run a community poll or survey soon to gauge interest in different stretch goals. However, to compensate a bit for lack of stretch goals we will launch our “Social Stretch Goals”. Basically, we will give out free stuff to our backers once we hit a certain amount of Facebook shares of our Kickstarter page (not Facebook likes). You can share The Mandate by clicking the link right below the main video at the top of our Kickstarter page. We are currently at #770 and the first goal is at #1000!

World Premiere of The Mandate Gameplay Footage

We put out a press release earlier today stating that we will debut the gameplay trailer at MCM (London Comic Con) on 27th October. The gameplay trailer will be uploaded to Kickstarter a few hours later. Three guys from our development team will be at MCM on Sunday the 27th, and will be available for questions and a meet and greet. It has been confirmed that The Mandate is the first Kickstarter project to take to the stage at MCM.

The same press release also mentions “him”, one of our three characters. We have not shared his backstory, but more excitingly if everything goes according to plan we will announce which actor will voice this character at MCM on the 27th. Many of you have seen this actor in movies, and a very famous TV-series, and we are sure you will agree that he fits the role perfectly...

That's all for now, and thanks for all the well-wishes we got for passing 100,000!


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