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Grim Dawn - Build 13 & Early Access Keys

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-19 00:45:04

Crate Entertainment has two new post-funding updates with news that Alpha Build 13, and Steam early access keys are now avaiable.

Build 13 and Nightblade Mastery are live!

It's mid October and what has turned out to be a rather large build is ready just in time for your weekend enjoyment! It includes the long awaited Nightblade mastery and a host of other improvements, including rework of the Burrwitch Outskirts area. For all the details check out the B13 change log on the forum.

We've also been grinding along on the next big content update and should be able to give you a sneak peek in the coming weeks.

Finally, those with beta access will be excited to know that we'll be inviting them join in the fun very soon. I'll post another update in the next couple days to let you know when that's happening.

Now back to the game development mines with me...

Early access keys now available!

In yesterday's update I mentioned that I'd be posting an update on when people with "beta" level access would be able to play and, well, that time is now!

Early access Steam keys are now available on Humble Store pages for tiers that include beta level access. For information on how to claim your key and download Grim Dawn, please refer to the instructions on our forum. (hopefully I managed to provide the correct URL this time)...

Very excited to see a new wave of players experiencing the game for the first time and can't wait to hear your feedback!

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