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Lords of Xulima - Indiegogo Update #12

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-20 02:52:27

Numantian Games has posted a new update for Lords of Xulima with news the project was successful, and to look forward to the launch of the kickstarter.

UPDATE 12: The end of the campaign... for now

From Numantian games, we would like to thank the nearly 300 contributors who have helped us reach $12,000. You are the first people to trust in us and help us to develop Lords of Xulima. If we are successful and Lords of Xulima becomes the grand saga that we have planned, to us you will always be the founding fathers of our projects.

As you know, this campaign was not to fund the overall development, but was instead meant to help implement some important improvements. We divided these improvements into 14 goals for the campaign, and thanks to IndieGoGo we have successfully funded the first goal. You have commissioned the artwork of 18 more portraits for the epic heroes and the portraits for more than 60 NPCs. Very soon we will be able to begin to show you the results. You have also allowed us to begin implementing a new Hard-Core mode that will include so many changes to the original campaign that it will be perfect for those who have completed the game once and are looking for a new challenge.

As we mentioned in the last update, we have now found a way to launch a campaign on Kickstarter. It will be nearly identical to the IndieGoGo campaign with a few changes to the rewards and some re-ordering of the goals based on your feedback. We will start at the same point that this campaign leaves off, trying to reach the second goal which include more hand drawn portraits for the heroes and a new quest arc, the Guardian of Ulnalum, which would add another 3-4 hours of content to the game. How many of the 13 goals will we reach? Soon we'll find out.

So, we leave you, for the moment, by saying again from everyone on the team:

Thank you very much for your support!


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