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Everquest Next - Beta Sign-ups

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-21 00:12:32

2P.com has news that the beta sign-ups for EverQuest Next Landmark is going to be open for all regions.

Sony Online Entertainment recently announced that they will directly manage EverQuest Next Landmark for Europe, North America, and other regions. 

"Since we are delivering an entirely new and unique approach to MMO game design and development with EverQuest Next Landmark, and given that SOE's Player Studio program is one of the cornerstones of EverQuest Next Landmark, SOE will directly manage EQNL and Player Studio for all regions."

Players in all regions will use the same sign-up form for EQN Landmark. EverQuest Next: Landmark will be available through digital download this winter. EverQuest Next has not been dated yet.

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