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Child Of Light - Interview @ Electronic Theatre

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-23 01:03:04

Electronic Theatre has a new interview with Creative Director Patrick Plourde, and Scriptwriter Jeffrey Yohalem about their upcoming game Child Of Light.

What is Child of Light?

Child of Light is a 2D RPG using Ubi Art Framework, the Rayman Origins Engine. The original idea was to make a game where we play on living paintings, a ‘playable poem’. A game that feels soft and inviting where I’m free to explore and discover it. You mix it with my love for JRPGs like the FinalFantasy and Grandia series and you have the foundations of what the game is today.

What were your inspirations to create the Child of Light’s universe?

In 2007, I went to see the ‘Once upon a Time… Walt Disney’ exposition at the Art Museum here in Montreal. Looking at the references , from Arthur Rackham to Kay NielsenDisney used to create its classic movies was really inspiring to me. The idea that stuck with me was to, one day, uses those references and have a chance to do my personal take on it.

Fairy Tales strong use of Symbols makes them universal and open to be reinterpreted. The idea is to use those symbols that live in our collective ‘DNA’ and to spin them in a tale that feels modern: An active heroine, no prince charming at the end, focused on the idea that we need to grow up, leave home and take responsibility to make a change in the world.

That was the initial spark toward building the universe of Lemuria.

What is the story of Child of Light?

Child of Light is the story of a young girl, Aurora, who falls ill, but instead of dying she wakes up in another world. The game is about her struggle to return home.

Jeffrey, how did you write the script?

The script is written in verse, largely in ballad form. It’s exciting and challenging to work within such a rigid structure. Pat and I developed the story together in October, and I’ve been working on it since.

Because the text in the game is largely written, not spoken, my goal is to pack as much meaning into as few words as possible. Much of the story is told through gameplay, the story’s evolution is tightly linked with Aurora’s evolution.

It’s also important that I remain flexible. The script changes during the development process. As the levels of the game evolve, the script evolves. We’re working in tandem.

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