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Cosmic Star Heroine - Update #10, Character Masteries

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-23 01:10:49

Zeboyd Games has posted a new update for Cosmic Star Heroine with information about the games various character masteries.

List of Character Masteries

We thought it would be fun to share the list of character masteries with everyone. Speculate away!

Alyssa: Bojutsu, Leadership, Gadgets  
Chahn: Gunmancy, Friendship, Medic
Dave: Hacking, Tech Support, Hipster
Sue: Punching, Zen, Suavity
Arete: Biochemistry, Robotics, AI Processes
Clarke: Dance Assault, Charisma, Glitch
Z'xorv: Assassin, Mitigation, Salivary Warfare
Orson: Ectoplasmoids, Suit Specialist, Naturalist
Lauren: Betrayal, Deception, Songstress
Finian: Arsenal, Tactics, Basic Training

Note, names and details are subject to change between now and the game's release.

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