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The Mandate - Update #8, Curse, and Ships of the Grand Fleet

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-23 01:40:24

Perihelion Interactive has posted a new update for The Mandate with information about  curse gaming , and the ships of the grand fleet.

Curse, and Ships of the Grand Fleet

We’ve a quick update for you today, because we have a lot of updates planned this week which will culminate with the gameplay trailer on Sunday evening. As a preparation for this event we will be rolling out several design updates which cover ships, light craft and weapons. We kick this week off with an exciting and detailed design update that focuses on the ships of the Grand Fleet. Click here to read it - and as always, give us feedback/ideas/anecdotes in the forums.

Last week we reported being in the top 40 on Steam Greenlight and we are now in the top 20! This is excellent news and we thank all backers who both voted for us on Steam and who noticed our project on Steam and then came over to Kickstarter to support us. We still need more votes, so if you have not voted for us yet, please go vote for us here.

In other news we are thrilled to announce that Curse gaming via their sister site Gamepedia has approached us and offered to host the official wiki for The Mandate, so feel free to head over there and help expand and document the lore for The Mandate on the official wiki.

Last but not least, we are approaching the first social stretch goal milestone and we are just 50 Facebook shares shy of releasing a batch of awesome wallpapers in full HD resolution. Please goto The Mandate Kickstarter and click the link below the main video right at the top of the page to share it.

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