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Eldritch - Review @ PC Gamer

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-24 00:34:31

PC Gamer has posted a review of Eldritch and gave the game a score of 72/100.

The game’s low difficulty is a real thorn in its side, because there’s tremendous promise here. The low-fi visuals belie a surprising freedom of movement. You can lean, mantle, slide and leap in a way that makes the game feel like Dishonored circa 1995. It owes a debt to the exploration-heavy shooters of that era, too – games like Hexen and Duke Nukem 3D that rewarded spatial awareness and attention to detail with secret caches of health and ammo. Then there’s the influence of Rogue itself, evident in the way the minimap fills in square by square, layer by layer, as you peel away at each new environment.

A few brilliantly-designed enemies make the Nyarlathotep stages the best in the game. There are ghoulish wanderers that can’t be killed – only postponed – and an enemy whose killer chameleon act delivers this otherwise-cartoonish game’s premier jump scares. Later on there are implacable shoggoths that look like a binbag caught in a gale but hit like a binbag caught in the grille of an oncoming truck. Coming up with solutions to these problems – making your own routes, evading enemies, tactically reconfiguring the environment – is satisfying. It’s just that serious threats are too scarce, and therefore the end arrives far sooner than it should.

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