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XCOM: Enemy Within - Preview Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-24 00:54:14

I have another round of previews for XCOM: Enemy Within. It seems a few popup every week. Enjoy everyone if your not tired of reading them yet.

Gamefront - "More of What Fans Want"

I look forward to many more hours spent with XCOM: Enemy Within. While experiencing the expansion effectively means playing through Enemy Unknown again, there is enough new content to keep the playthrough fresh, and I can’t wait to see where the new storyline goes. Firaxis seems to know what its fans want and is evolving the game in that direction. Now, if only multiplayer could be made into something worth playing more than once.

Polygon - "Making Heroics Matter and Making Death Sadder"

Watching your team get killed certainly took an emotional and strategic toll in XCOM: Enemy Unknown; but it wasn't the end of the world, given how easy your troops were to replace. In XCOM: Enemy Within, the stakes are considerably higher. Thanks to new customization features, your troops will feel less cookie-cutter, and less replaceable. Thanks to new mission types and dangers, you'll find yourself concerned for their wellbeing with increased frequency.

Rock,Paper,Shotgun -"The Right To Upgrade Arms"

It’s not a massive remix of the standard game, but between the tweaked challenge and facing your own weapons – particularly sniper rifles – it does good work in terms of stopping missions from becoming repetitive. It also means an additional narrative arc of sorts, as successful missions slowly pin down the location of the EXALT base, which leads to outcomes I’m not to chat about yet. There is also – at last – an event involving your own base which I’ll keep shtum on for now, but will have much to say about come the WIT.

In fact, I’m at risking of splurging all I’ll have to say about Enemy Within now, so I’ll wind things up at this point. There’s a hard stop in the preview code, with the promise of further new stuff and campaign alteration to come, and I’m absolutely gagging to get to that. From which you might, accurately, extrapolate that Enemy Within is very much doing the trick for me – it’s making me obsessed with XCOM all over again, it’s making me approach familiar situations with new solutions and it’s making me further accept Firaxis’ title as its own game rather than worry about how it does or doesn’t honour the past. I’m happy.

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