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Lichdom - Interview @ Examiner

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-24 01:04:36

The Examiner interviewed Michael McCain the CEO of Xaviant to ask some questions  about his upcoming ARPG Lichdom.

What were some of the biggest influences for Lichdom, its world, its characters, powers and other parts of it? Do any franchises stick out in particular?

Lichdom is influenced by the components of three different video games. First, our gameplay is most heavily influenced by Borderlands. The action, the way the enemies behave, the approach to level design and our encounters are all reminiscent of that gameplay. Secondly, our boss encounters are influenced by Dark Souls, where large-scale enemies rely on abilities they can chose to employ at random, rather than heavily scripted events you might see in other large-boss games. And finally, our loot collection is most heavily influenced by Diablo, where you collect varieties of rare and powerful items and use those items to grow in strength as you progress through the game.

The thing that sets us apart from any game is our approach to crafting. Magic is really your only tool. Because of this, our crafting of spells is a very deep and engaging exercise. The initial Spell Cores handed to you by the game are few in number but fundamentally different from each other. The player grows in power by taking these Spell Cores and adding other reagents to craft new spells in unique ways.

Can you elaborate on the story a bit more? What role will Roth be playing as players progress through the plot? Is the end game going to be the same for everyone or will choice be a major factor in Lichdom?

Imagine a world where every great ruler is secretly the same individual perpetuating himself throughout the centuries. In the world of Lichdom, this individual is Roth. He is a shadow that guides mankind to greatness each time he steps forward. Now, in his sixth age, Roth has selected you to be his instrument of power. You will use his amazing gift of magic to cut out the cancer that seeks to utterly destroy the world.

Our motto at Xaviant is: You will feel everything. The story of Lichdom is a vivid tale where you are the center of an epic turning-point in the world. The player chooses between playing a male or a female character. Although the story will stay the same, each side of the tale will be distinctly different.

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