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Demonicon - Review Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-26 00:27:45

Here is the first batch of reviews for the The Dark Eye: Demonicon.

Worldsfactory- 69/100

A decent start for the first game in the Dark Eye series that offers an introduction to a potentially interesting fantasy universe. Unfortunately, sluggish combat, dull characters, and generally poor design choices make it a fairly forgettable experience.

GamingBolt -7/10

A deep and rich storyline coupled by immersive visuals and player choice are where the game shines the most. Although animations aren’t the liveliest of sort it’s not a game breaking bug nor does it pull you from the immersion

StrategyInformer - 6/10

Despite this though, and as much as I hate to say it, Demonicon is a bit of a sub-par release. Maybe hardcore Dark Eye fans will appreciate the lore and its place in the universe, but on its own it’s not a fantastic story, and it’s not a well-designed game either. It’s all functional, but in a fairly lazy kind of way.

HookedGamers - 7/10

With Demonicon being far from flawless, I found myself wondering whether or not I enjoyed Demonicon enough to give it a positive recommendation. Honestly, I did. For every spinning boss, for every limitation in skills and character improvement and for every unblinking pair of eyes I looked at, I enjoyed my time with the game. Despite its issues, The Dark Eye: Demonicon remains a fun adventure that, while lacking polish, is an enjoyable journey through The Dark Eye setting.

Softpedia - 8.5/10

The choices you make can influence the world around. It can shake the entire world of a small community or save the life of a certain individual. This is all you will get because Demonicon, as mentioned earlier, is not about moral choice.

There’s no good or evil in Demonicon and you won’t be rewarded if you take a certain path that might sound closer to good. But the choices you make will tell another story, you can be the savior of a high-profile citizen and nemesis of an entire community at the same time.

I’m certain Dark Eye fans will devour Demonicon in just a few days even though it promises 25 hours of gameplay, if you only follow the main quest.

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