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Path of Exile - Review @ Eurogamer

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-26 00:36:22

Eurogamer reviews the F2P RPG Path of Exile, and gave the game a final score of 7/10.

It's free-to-play done well and it's not at all invasive, so I'm a little sad to say I'm unsure how effective a revenue generator it will be. Though it's not an unattractive game, Path of Exile doesn't have Torchlight 2's sense of style or Diablo 3's polish. Its cosmetics are fairly expensive, with $30 getting you a pet, a soundtrack and 200 points. 200 points might buy one or two customisations, but it won't even stretch to some of the weapon effects. You could blow it all on just expanding your stash, or one piece of headgear.


But how you choose to spend your money is your business. If this payment model works out for the developer Grinding Gear, I'll be very pleased. Path of Exile isn't a great action RPG, but it's a pretty good one, it's off to a promising start and the developer says it has a lot planned for the months and years ahead.

I can't say what their future holds as I'm not much of an economist (nor am I really a magpie). But I can say I've had many, many hours of fun in a game that still has much more to show me and which all of us, right now, can play for nothing at all. We're being spoiled.

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